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a royal wedding window

At love to celebrate we are counting down the days until the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton & Prince William!!  In fact for the past couple of weeks we have been dreaming of wedding dresses, high tea, scones & jam, cupcakes,  fine bone china, kitsch wedding souveniers and the Union Jack!! So in honour of the happy couple we decided to pay tribute to this royal occassion with a very “British” window display!!

This week we were very luck to have a friend bring us some “authentic” Royal Wedding memorabilia fresh from the London High Street in her suitcase!!  How cute are the little wind-up Queen and Prince Phillip which we have placed on top of our beautiful wedding cake from Sonia and her team at Kiss Me Cake!! We thought they “topped it off” nicely!!

The girls at Kiss Me Cake  never fail to amaze us with their beautiful cake creations so we also commissioned them to create these gorgeous little treats to mark the occassion!! Just perfect for British Royalty!!

Are you as excited as we are about the Royal Wedding?  Are you staying home next Friday night to watch the wedding broadcast? Or are you hosting your very own Royal Wedding themed event?  We’d love to see some photos if you are hosting an event!! Please email them to us at lovetocelebrate@iinet.net.au and we will showcase some of the best in the first week of May…or in other words when the happy couple are on their honeymoon!!

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2 Responses to “a royal wedding window”

  1. Miranda @ Howdystranger says:

    Your window is great! I’m a sucker for kitsch wedding paraphernalia. Here is my post about my recent purchases. Royal wedding fever!

  2. world clock says:

    a royal wedding window Love to Celebrate – just great!

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